How to Keep Your Online Relationship Going

Online Relationship

Even though dating apps have become more popular over the last decade, some people still don’t think that a relationship started via online dating can last long or can turn into something special. I think it’s a bad perception considering I have read a lot of news and also heard from my friends that many couples have met on dating apps and are happily living together or are currently seeing each other.

This brings us to our key question which is; does an “Online Relationship Last?” And if it does, “How do you maintain it or take it to the next level?”

Here is my answer to your questions: Yes, online relationships do work but you have to put in a little more effort than you would in a normal relationship or date.

With many advanced dating apps like Tinder, Happn, etc. etc. online dating has moved to another level. You will be able to see how your would-be partner looks like, what their hobbies and interests are, and if there will be an understanding between the two of you or not. As a result, keeping an online relationship blazing will be a little bit easier as compared to the previous relationship you had.

In this post, I’ve compiled some points that will help you to keep your online relationship strong and going.

Things you should do to keep the fire burning:

Don’t be distracted

When you’re chatting or messaging your partner, ensure that you speak to them exclusively. If you give or show dividend attention, the other person might think that you’re not serious or you’re taking them for a ride.

Talk to your partner frequently

Always set aside an hour or so after work in the evening to talk to your online partner. This will help you to catch up on the day’s activities and show companionship to one another. If they had a difficult day, help them unwind and feel relaxed. This will bolster your relationship so much. If you are very busy, click a selfie and send it to them.

Engage more with your partner through live video chat

Instead of just sending your partner text messages, go ahead and chat with them on a live video chat. Live video chat experience is unmatched as you will be able to share your feelings and see if the other partner is moved or not. This helps you to know if there is chemistry between the two of you or not.

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Send him/her a message when they are not online

Don’t wait until you see your partner online on the dating app in order to send them a text. In short, don’t be too predictable; instead, surprise them by sending a message earlier or after talking to them. This is more romantic and they will feel missed and loved at the same time.

Remember important events and dates

Even if you haven’t met in person, this shouldn’t permit you to take the relationship lightly. If you’re serious and want the relationship to go on another level, then you will have to note down the important dates that they tell you about. Help them celebrate these days by sending messages or gifts.

Be romantic and send gifts

It doesn’t matter if you’re online dating; you’ve to do more than just send texts or video chat. Be more romantic by sending your partner flowers or gifts that she loves as this will greatly better your relationship.

Take advantage of the status or story updates

You can impress your partner by taking advantage of the status or story updates use it to put their picture or dedicate a line to them. For instance, send a personal video message to your partner.

Be humorous and come up with stories

One of the biggest things that kill online relationships is a lack of what to talk about or stories to tell. Don’t fall for this and always be creative with nice stories, and also, be humorous to make your mate want to hear more and more from you. After all, who want to hear boring stories?

With these tips on how to keep and maintain a strong relationship via dating apps, you should be able to take your online relationship to another level. Download dating app today, and start dating.

Do you have more ideas on how to keep an online relationship going? If so, feel free to share it with us.

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